Privacy Policy

Version 1.11, 3 December 2022

Our approach to privacy for the Quotemarks application is that the data you, the customer, provide ought to be in your control and that we, the developer, have no intention of collecting or sharing information without your acknowledgement. Typically any information shared is in response to your actions although that may not always be obvious. This policy helps to detail those scenarios.

Information We Collect

Customer-Provided Data: The developer does not collect and does not have access to customer-provided data. Any information you input into this application is stored on your device unless you delete or copy it such as through the exporting or sharing features.

Usage Analytics & Crash Diagnostics: If opted-in via Apple they may provide the developer with application metadata, specifically crash diagnostics and usage analytics, to help improve future iterations of this product. For more information, see "Share analytics, diagnostics, and usage information with Apple". The website uses Google Analytics for this same purpose which you may opt out of using the Do Not Track header.

Billing: In order to pay the developer Apple provides aggregated purchasing information stripped of personally identifiable information. For more information, see Apple's billing website and Apple's privacy policy which is a pre-requisite for installing this application.

Information We Share

The application does not explicitly share any information with third parties with the following exceptions:

Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.) When attribution/author image retrieval is enabled the application reaches out to Wikipedia to provide additional information about attributions in your collection.

Additionally, the application refers customers to websites. The following list denote the vendors and scenarios used when accessing these websites:

Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.) When seeking out additional information about an attribution.
Namecheap, Inc. When accessing any of the websites this vendor acts as the domain name system (DNS) for directing customers to the appropriate website host.
Redirect.Pizza (Enflow) When accessing the support website this vendor assists in the website redirection.
GitLab, Inc. When accessing the support website this vendor provides a knowledge database for customers to self-troubleshoot. When accessing the main website this vendor is the website host.
Google Analytics (Google LLC) When accessing pages on the main website usage analytics collection is delegated to Google Analytics.

Data Use, Retention, & Deletion

Customer-Provided Data: As the data you enter in this application is not collected by the developer it is up to you to manage this data.

Usage Analaytics & Crash Diagnostics: Aggregate metadata will be kept as long as necessary to conduct business.

Billing: Aggregate billing information will be kept as long as necessary to conduct business.

Policy Changes

With exception to cases where clarification is necessitated, the developer may revise this policy in tandem with a software update. Changes will be posted on this website.